Islamic Recommended Books

The right questions

Black box thinking

Critical Reasoning


Arab & Jews

Lawrence in Arabia

Ethinic Cleansing

Constantine's Sword

O Jerusalem

Invention of Jews

The First Crusade

The Great War

Jerusalem (Biography)

Question of Palestine

Six Days of War

Atlas of Jerusalem

The Book of Why

Art of Thinking Clearly

Demon haunted world

Thinking Fast & Slow

Life of Greece

Ceasar & Christ

The Arab History

History of Arabs

Fall of Ottomans

History - Stone Age

History - Christianity

History - Age of Reforms

Crisis of Islam

World Religions

Young Revolution

The True Believer

The Israel Lobby

America's Great Game

On Palestine Complete

Age of the Warrior

Balfour Declaration

The Crusades

Destiny Disrupted

On Palestine

Muslim History V1

Muslim History V2

Political Theory

Critical Thinking

The Holocaust

Land of Israel

Peace to end all Peace